Conservative Party

Boris Johnson


  • The UK will leave the EU by January 31, 2019.

  • No political alignment with the EU - the UK to be kept out of the single market/customs union.

  • End of the role of the European Court of Justice.

  • New trade agreement to be negotiated in 2020, with the implementation period not to be extended beyond December 2020.


  • Infrastructure investments (Northern Powerhouse Rail, and the Midlands Rail Hub as well as a massive programme of improvements for roads and gigabit broadband for every home and business).

  • Promise not to raise the rates of income tax, National Insurance or VAT.

  • Establishing the Towns Fund that will go to an initial 100 towns to improve their local economies.

  • Public sector net investment will not average more than 3% of GDP, and that if debt interest reaches 6% of revenue, plans to keep debt under control will be reassessed.


  • 6,000 more doctors in general practice and 6,000 more primary care professionals, such as physiotherapists and pharmacists (on top of the 7,500 extra nurse associates and 20,000 primary care professionals already announced).

  • Introduction of the NHS Visa.

  • New funding will deliver 50 million extra general practice appointments a year, an increase of over 15 per cent.

  • £1 billion extra of funding every year for more social care staff and better infrastructure, technology and facilities.


  • The Green Belt is to be protected & enhanced.

  • £640 million new Nature for Climate fund.

  • Additional 75,000 acres of trees a year will be reached by the end of next Parliament.

  • The export of plastic waste to non-OECD countries will be banned.

  • Extended producer responsibility for plastic pollution to be introduced.


  • £150 million Community Ownership Fund will be established.

  • Cultural Investment Fund will be established.

  • The Youth Futures Foundation will invest at least £90 million to improve employment outcomes for young people.

  • English language teaching for migrants will be boosted.


  • 20000 more police officers on the streets.

  • £500 million investment in youth services for young people.

  • Police will be empowered by a new court order to target known knife carriers.


  • Migrants will be obliged to contribute to the NHS.

  • Introduce an Australian-style points-based immigration system.

  • Introduce the start-up visa.

  • EU and non-EU citizens will be treated equally, e.g. people coming into the country from the EU will only be able to access unemployment, housing, and child benefit after five years, in the way non-EEA migrants currently do.