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Our logo is a triptych:

1. The Earth because of our international dimension and ambition.
2. The shining lightbulb as the symbol of idea and because matters opened to debate are highlighted.
3. The pen because it allows to inform and most importantly to express oneself.

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 Debate; Think; Produce; Meet 

Décryptage Citoyen was born in an electoral context in May 2019 and aims to allow students to express themselves on the topics that animate them. Freedom and curiosity are the two foundations of the DC project and that is why our structure is transpartisan and welcomes all opinions 📢

This openness has allowed us to establish ourselves in different countries starting from France and expanding to England, Canada, India and others to come 🙌

Thus, we strive to create an international network of students and are eager to broaden our network even further. We seek students who are culturally, politically and socially open-minded and who are ready to engage with diverse opinions 🌍

DC is composed of several departments such as :
- The journalist department 📝
- The marketing department 📊
- The social and public relation department 🎤
- The pictures and videos département 📹
- The HR/recruitement departement 🎉

Our productions tend to diversify thanks to a deep work and members with iron will to learn and discuss with others 🤝

Join us so we can all “Debate Think Produce and Meet” 💡

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